Miss “V” performs in “A Very Kostas Christmas”

Special Radio Broadcast Tonight Dec 23rd 2013

Howdy folks! Well, it would be nice if I was sending you all a real concise little notice about how to listen to the radio show tonight, broadcast on KGLT out of Bozeman MT 91.9 at 6pm MST.  I’d be sending just one little link “click here to stream” button with several days’ notice.  But then I wouldn’t be “V” ~ The Gypsy Cowbelle…

 SOOOOO, here are a few links of varying degrees of relevance:

 *****Try this: You are looking for “A Very Kostas Christmas” special, recorded a couple weeks ago as part of the “Live From the Divide” concert series which features singer/songwriters from all over the country. This should allow you to stream the show tonight as it is being broadcast on Montana Public Radio.

 If that doesn’t work here are a couple of other ideas for those of you who might be interested and who don’t mind putzing on the the computer. Sorry I am not more helpful with this. I am just catching my breath from traveling back east for the holidays and am trying to access the show along with any of you who might be willing to try.

 PS – I wouldn’t be confusing you with all this if I didn’t think it was so worth listening. Kostas is an incredible songwriter and performer, and it was quite an honor to have a little guest appearance in his show. I played about a 20 minute set out of the 2 hour concert, and I am not sure how much made it into the 60 minute final edited version. I don’t think you will be disappointed if you have a moment to check this out, either tonight Dec 23rd 2013at 6pm MST on KGLT out of Bozeman, or Thurs Dec 26th on KRFY out of Sandpoint, or else in January 2014, when the concert should be at on the Past Shows page. The show I am in is the “Very Kostas Christmas 2013” not to be confused with other concerts of the same name from past years.

 Good luck and especially, have a wonderful Holiday Season. I’ll be in touch soon with a little update of how 2013 ended up… with warm wishes, V” ~ The Gypsy Cowbelle  :Homepage for KGLT which will be airing the show tonight Dec 23rd, 2013 at 6pm MST out of Bozeman, MT on 91.9  :(KGLT streaming; broadcast out of Bozeman at Dec 23rd, 2013 @ 6 pm MST) : (info for KGLT schedule for Dec 23, broadcast out of Bozeman at 6pm MST 91.9 – this page has a listing of affiliate stations in MT. I am not positive if this show is broadcast on Dec 23 at 6pm MST on all these stations or not) :the page on Live from the Divide for the show tonight Dec 23, 2013 on KGLT  : (broadcast out of Sandpoint ID on KRFY 88.5, Dec 26th, 2013 @ 8pm MST)   : I believe this show “A Very Kostas Christmas” will be up on the Live from the Divide website for later listening in January 2014. It will be under “Past Shows”. Please note the “A Very Kostas Christmas” is a tradition. So there are other shows with the same name from past years. I am in the one from 2013.


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