Homespun Instruments

Ever since she played her first washtub  bass on the streets of New Orleans over two decades ago, “V” has been committed to sharing the joys of making music on homemade instruments with hundreds of friends, students, strangers and fans who have passed her way. Knowing no boundaries of age, class or creed, the universal language of music continues to inspire even the most unlikely participants discover the artist within themselves. Proving the theory that nearly anything can be used to make music, The Gypsy Cowbelle has employed her creative spirit and resourceful techniques to construct a diverse quiver of Homespun Instruments which continue to elicit intrigue and enthusiasm for audiences of all walks of life. Wherever she may roam, you can be sure Miss “V” is packing her Plank Banjo and a few other noisemakers for anyone she meets to Join The Band!

Watch a Homespun Instrument workshop here…  


”The most remarkable thing is that she was able to adjust programs for each of the audiences she performed for that day – preschoolers in the morning, senior citizens at lunch, elementary aged children after school and adults that evening…Hard to say who had the most fun – the kids of all ages playing her homemade instruments or “V” herself performing for the crowd..” 
~ Juli W. ~ Sublette Co Library

V demonstrates the Xylephone

”The songs she picked were perfect for what we are depicting at our historical site. ..the [homespun instruments] display was a wonderful curiosity that sparked the imagination of everyone and kids were thrilled to get to play and be part of her “band”… The very unique interactive element of her program fit perfectly with the living history we do at our historical site…”
~ Dawn B. – Sommers Ranch Homestead




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