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“…having coordinated dozens of presenters for library events, I consider Miss “V” one of the best that I have worked with. She was prompt, professional, communicative and as many other library staff members stated, delightful to work with.”

– Jennifer R. ~ Laramie County Library


 Miss While living on a remote ranch in Wyoming for fourteen years, Miss “V” honed her homesteader skills such as haying and logging with horses, sewing clothes and tack on treadle machines, building saddles and her signature “Plank” banjos, hunting, canning, grocery shopping once a year, concocting herbal medicine and dandelion wine, leading pack strings and helping her neighbors trail cattle through the Rocky Mountains. Some of her other experiences include extensive backcountry expeditions by foot, horse, skis and boat, participating in the 2011 movie “The Conspirator” and hitchhiking across America. Rustic, raw, heartfelt and timeless, "V"s Cowbilly music takes the listener on a cross-sectional tour of eras, emotions, lifestyles and genres. She has produced five CDs, one documentary, performed at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko and been featured in books, magazines, newspapers, television and radio shows nationwide and is endorsed by the Wyoming Arts Council.

“We selected “V” – The Gypsy Cowbelle because she has a fascinating personal story which is reflected in her music and presentation….Audiences’ understanding of Wyoming heritage is enriched through her music….The Gypsy Cowbelle is the quintessential singer/songwriter and Wyoming is lucky to have her as a cultural ambassador.”

Virginia Moore (Wyoming PBS Wind River Music Showcase Producer – 2010)


21st Century Cowboy at Silt Historical Society 2014


Ideal entertainment for:

  • Cowboy Poetry Gatherings
  • House concerts
  • Folk Festivals
  • Ranch & Trail
  • Hoedowns
  • Banquets
  • Museums
  • Libraries



“Through music, I aspire to unite audiences, reveal history, evoke creative thought, celebrate universal themes and depict characters found along a road less travelled…”





“Someplace New” at Nowoodstock Festival 2014


 Promo Photos:

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 V the Modern Day Homesteader

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Educational Programs

Miss “V” is pleased to offer a wide range of educational programs and interactive workshops. Myriad opportunities exist for communities interested in bringing The Gypsy Cowbelle to town for multiple presentations. Please contact “V” to develop a residency program catered to your community!

    Here are a few of The Cowbelle’s specialties:


The Modern Day Homesteader

Inspired by two of America’s last remaining homesteaders and a fourteen-year stay on their remote Wyoming ranch, “The Modern Day Homesteader” is a unique and engaging one hour documentary produced by The Gypsy Cowbelle (Miss “V”). Told through the eyes of a young greenhorn, this heartfelt presentation will rekindle memories for some and offer new imagery for others as it chronicles the oft-forgotten lifestyle of those who settled the West.

Homespun Instruments

Homespun Instruments

Great fun for all ages, this interactive workshop is designed to bring out the artist in everyone. Participants join in on traditional tunes, playing a variety of “household” instruments ~ from washtubs and scrub boards to spoons and saws, and every shaker, bell and drum in between. The focus is on the creativity of making music and instruments. Some sing old favorites while others learn them anew and a grand time is had by all!

  • This workshop can also be adapted to include constructing homespun instruments upon special request.

Angel of Flight: Revealing Amelia Earhart

There may be better likenesses out there, but The Gypsy Cowbelle’s outlook on life makes her a prime candidate to portray the world’s most famous and beloved aviatrix. “V” steps into the shoes of her heroine, as she delivers a thoughtful, well-scripted and unique approach to unveiling the life and work of Ms. Earhart.

Trails West

Trails West

This program focuses on the unique and exciting era which followed the conclusion of the Civil War. From Tie Hacks and Cowhands to Pioneers and Outlaws, the colorful characters that helped shape American history come to life through stories and songs, as The Gypsy Cowbelle conducts a tour through the era of exploration and settling of the American West.

Women's History

Mares Tales: A Celebration of Women’s History

March is Women’s History month, but this concert will be enjoyed any time of the year by those interested in a rich collection of ballads and anecdotes, chronicling some of America's leading ladies. Whether she is a ‘mail-order’ bride, maritime legend, renegade or trailblazer, the heroines of these tales will not be forgotten!

Dandelion Wine

‘Tis the Time … for Dandelion Wine

“A weed is a plant whose use has not yet been discovered.”

Learn to appreciate the underrated dandelion with this fun and educational two-part workshop. Experiment with wildcrafting as “V” covers the basics of wine-making and shares the secrets of her own fabled “sunshine brew.”